Sandy Koufax: Jackie Robinson Tried To Make Things Easier For Me

The beauty of the Internet is that it offers up surprises and treats. Never know when you're going to find something worth remembering. I was toolin' around my Tumblr feed the other day when I ran across a beautiful illustrated piece by an artist named Katherine W. Wirick. Another talented picture-maker, Summer Anne… » 9/16/14 10:15pm Yesterday 10:15pm

How To Handle A Repo: Chapter 1 Of Elmore Leonard's Unknown Man No. 89

Elmore Leonard had been writing for 22 years when his agent, the legendary H.N. Swanson, told him to read George V. Higgins's seminal crime novel about the Boston underworld, The Friends of Eddie Coyle. This was in 1972; Leonard was 46. He'd worked in advertising and written westerns—stories and novels—and he'd… » 9/16/14 2:55pm Yesterday 2:55pm

Even Bank Robbers Decide What Tie To Wear: The Essence Of Elmore Leonard

Hard to imagine having a cooler job than the one Gregg Sutter had for more than 30 years, when he served as the late Elmore Leonard's researcher. Sutter is the editor of the Library of America's Elmore Leonard anthology, which will be released in three volumes, the first of which was published a few weeks ago… » 9/16/14 8:58am Yesterday 8:58am

Ichiro Talks Shit In Spanish, And Latin Players Love Him For It

Ichiro stories are the best stories, and the Wall Street Journal recently published another great one that will make you dread the day Ichiro eventually retires. It turns out, Ichiro has spent his career becoming a favorite of Latin players around the league because he talks shit to them in Spanish. » 9/04/14 11:10am 9/04/14 11:10am

An NFL Safety's Zen Quest For The Perfect Hit

Excerpted from The Library of America's unflinching anthology, Football: Great Writing About the National Sport, edited by our old pal John Schulian. Reprinted here with permission of the author's son, Mark Kram Jr. » 9/04/14 9:02am 9/04/14 9:02am

Good Night, Don Pardo, 1918-2014

Don Pardo was an announcer at NBC for 60 years. He started in television so long ago it was on the radio, in 1944. The heaviest moment of his career was in 1963, when he was "booth announcer" on a shift at WNBC-TV in New York. Pardo did an off-camera "rip-and-read," from a big marked-up paper printout of an Associated… » 8/22/14 4:26pm 8/22/14 4:26pm