The Big Combo (1955)

Film noir I had never seen that is public domain and available online. Known for the outstanding photography by John Alton. Directed by Joseph H. Lewis. Cornel Wilde and Richard Conte. Obsessed cop is out to take down a crime lord. Whatever it takes. » 7/28/14 9:25am Today 9:25am

Roger Angell: A Baseball Companion

On Saturday in Cooperstown, Roger Angell was given the J. G. Taylor Spink Award, the baseball Hall of Fame's writing writing honor. His sports writing career is a happy accident that began in 1962 when Angell went to spring training to write about New York's new team, the Mets. He was a 41-year-old fiction editor at » 7/26/14 9:57pm Saturday 9:57pm

The Lebowskis Who Might Have Been: Behind The Scenes With The Coens

When I was 25 I got a job with the Coen brothers. I'd worked on three movies as an apprentice film editor and got a gig with them as a personal assistant when they made The Big Lebowski. I was with them for a year, from before pre-production through post-production (when they edited the movie, I transitioned from… » 7/23/14 11:43am Wednesday 11:43am

Sixty-five years ago this week was the first and last start by Air Lift, full brother of Assault, in the sixth at Jamaica, a race made immortal in W.C. Heinz's Death of a Racehorse. Joey Kulkin headed out to the site of the track to retrace Air Lift's steps—and the ones he didn't get to take. » 7/21/14 2:23pm 7/21/14 2:23pm

The Trouble With Floyd Mayweather

Last week, Floyd Mayweather announced that he will fight a rematch with Marcos Maidana on Sept. 13. Their first fight, two months ago, was Mayweather's closest challenge in years, with many in the boxing media believing that Maidana had earned the decision. And while that bout may have failed to meet expectations… » 7/18/14 8:56am 7/18/14 8:56am