The truly spectacular process of how the best chef's knife in the world is made

Made of stacked melted meteorite that looks more like Thor’s hammer and armed with the encyclopedic knowledge of knives and stunning skill from bladesmith Bob Kramer, these chef Kramer knives are among the finest in the world. This video of him, by Anthony Bourdain’s Raw Craft, features his process and it might be the… »9/07/15 8:55am9/07/15 8:55am

DC's 1982 Character Style Guide is a Beautiful Treasure Trove of Comic Book Nostalgia

If you’re a fan of classic DC comics, then it’s probably the artwork of the ‘80s that is burned into your memory—more specifically it might be the art featured in the rare, never-released-for-sale 1982 style guide. While bits and pieces have made their way online in the past, we’ve never had a chance to see the… »8/28/15 3:40pm8/28/15 3:40pm

The Gambling Cop Who Outshined Basketball Royalty

Editors’ note: On initial publication, this post consisted of a reprint of Pete Axthelm’s 1967 Sports Illustrated story “When The Real McGuire Stood Up.” After publication, we were made aware that a permission given by Axthelm’s family to reprint his work did not extend to this article, as we had mistakenly believed.… »8/13/15 1:16pm8/13/15 1:16pm

Married To Surfing: Talking to William Finnegan About His Barbarian Days 

I picked up William Finnegan’s surf memoir Barbarian Days on a beach this summer, and felt—I was stoned, the sky was astounding, the waves were delirious—that I’d fallen into an almost violent communion. As with the excerpts previously published in The New Yorker, where Finnegan’s been a staff writer since 1987… »8/13/15 11:58am8/13/15 11:58am

Teenage Marv Albert, Knicks Ballboy, Dished On Team Roadtrip In HS Paper

Everyone has to get their start somewhere, and for one of pro sports’ preeminent voices, his entry into the sports world started at the very bottom. Before becoming Marv Albert: Voice Of The NBA, he was Marvin Aufrichtig: New York Knicks Ball-Busting Ballboy. »8/03/15 9:09am8/03/15 9:09am