Prince Paul put out a little mix of his work on cassette back in 1999 as a teaser for his record, A Prince Among Thieves. He played all of his classics—from Stetsasonic and De La to tracks he did for Kane, BDP and 3rd Bass. There was one cut that was a real head-nodder, a version of Slick Rick's "Behind Bars." Paul only played about 20 seconds of it on the mix but from the first time I heard it I was hooked.

Got to get that, man.

Not long after, through my friend Steinski, I got Paul's e-mail and asked him about it. He wrote back and said it was an unreleased remix, safe in his vaults. Maybe, just maybe, he'd put it out one day. He ended the e-mail with: "Muhuha-ha-ha."

Welp, Paul eventually put it out and here it is.

[Image Via: Up North Trip]