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Jake Gets Hitched...Again

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From the New York Times in 1985, here's Ira Berkow on Jake LaMotta's sixth wedding:

Neither of the Las Vegas dailies, nor, for that matter, The New York Times, reported in their society news sections the wedding of Jacob (Jake) LaMotta, 63 years old, erstwhile pugilist, and, Theresa Miller, younger than the bridegroom and decidedly prettier.

Perhaps it was determined in some editorial conclave that to cover one of Jake's nuptials is to cover them all, for this was the sixth time he's tied the knot. But to Jake, each, of course, is unique. His first wife divorced him, he says, ''because I clashed with the drapes.'' Another one, Vicki, complained about not having enough clothes. ''I didn't believe her,'' La Motta says, ''until I saw her pose nude in Playboy magazine.''

The betrothal of LaMotta, the former world middleweight champion, to Miss Miller, this was her second trip to the altar, took place last Saturday night in Las Vegas at Maxim Hotel and Casino in a room stuffed with a wide assortment of beefy people with odd-shaped and familiar noses: They included such ex-champions as Gene Fullmer, Carmen Basilio, Willie Pep, Joey Maxim, Billy Conn, Jose Torres and, the best man, Sugar Ray Robinson, plus a potpourri of contenders, trainers and matchmakers, all of whom were in Las Vegas to attend the Hagler-Hearns world middleweight title fight two nights later.

For LaMotta, having Robinson as the best man was a sweet and perfect touch. ''I fought Sugar six times,'' he said. ''I only beat him once. This is my sixth marriage and I ain't won one yet. So I figure I'm due.''

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