And just cause, here's a baker's dozen of my favorite BASW stories over the years:

"Bugs Bunny, Greatest Banned Player Ever" by Derek Zumsteg.

"Basketball Season" by Donna Tart.

"Cherry Bombs" by Leigh Montville.

"Polite when in Neutral" by Mimi Swartz.

"The Cuban Ali" by Eugene Robinson.

"Rayna's Second Season" by Kevin Van Valkerberg.

"Her Blue Haven" by Bill Plaschke.

"The Chosen One" by David Owen.

"Commie Ball" by Michael Lewis.

"The Servant of the Cause" by Elizabeth Kaye.

"The Rock" by William Nack.

"Forgive Some Sinner" by Mark Kram, Jr.

"Memories are Forever" by Todd Drew.

For a full index of all the stories to appear in the series, head on over to Glenn Stout's site.