Robert Altman once said that you could make a movie by listening to conversations as you walk down the street.

Overheard on my lunch hour:

Short woman talking into her cell phone: "Don't hang up on me, bitch, I'm trying to fuckin' talk to you."

Two young women:

"W'e're late, it's already 1:15."

"I've got 1:07."

"Oh, that's cause I set my watch ahead to freak myself out so that I'm not late in the morning."


"That's smart."

Business guy talking to another business guy: "And I didn't get in until 2 but I don't even feel hung over."


Dude on his cell phone: "C'mon baby, you know I love you. I love you like cooked food. What? No, for real, I love you like Red Lobsters."

[Picture by William Gedney]