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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

The Legend of Swee' Pea

Benjamin May’s documentary about Llyod Daniels—executive produced by Carmelo Anthony—will play tomorrow night at DOC: NYC tomorrow night, November 19th.


Daniels was memorably profiled by Ivan Solotaroff for Esquire back in 1992:

“The NCtwoA came after us with a vengeance for Daniels,” Danny Tarkanian says. (The NCAA investigated numerous alleged recruitment violations, including that one of Tarkanian’s assistant coaches had improperly adopted Daniels.) “It’s like they made it a project to destroy me,” adds Tark. “Anyone else, anywhere else, they would’ve given a slap on the wrist. But they knew they could nail me with Lloyd.”

“Do you feel angry with Lloyd?” I ask.

“I can’t even understand that question, much less answer it,” Tark snaps. “He was just a nineteen-year-old kid with a drug habit and a sixth sense for the game of basketball. He’s as loyal as you get.”