"Where is she from?"

That's what people say after meeting my friend Shannon Plumb. It's the accent, you just can't place it.

Turns out she's from Schenectady—by way of Pluto.


Shannon is the only true bohemian I've ever known: unaffected, out-of-her-bird, inspired.


I've known her for more than twenty years. We met at college. She used to wear a trench coat and carry around a thin boom box, blasting Prince. Guys were bewitched by her.

She painted and acted and when we left school, she moved to Manhattan, did some modeling, and hipsters and cool people were betwitched by her. Now, she's married with two kids. Over the past decade, she has made a name for herself in the art world with her short films.


Here's a mess of her movies. Check 'em out.

This year she made her first feature.

She's a keeper.